Important asset or meaningless platitude?

May 29 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

If, like me, the phrase "Our people are our most important asset..." makes you cringe because you know just how empty, meaningless and normally downright untrue it is, then bookmark (or frame) this post from Roberta Matuson's excellent new(ish) blog, Generation Integration.

She lists five reasons why she hates the phrase, but I'm sure we can all think of a few more.

    Companies are willing to spend whatever it takes to market their products and services but are unwilling to make similar investments in their people.
  1. The blame for discontented employees is always placed on the employee.
  2. Everyone is replaceable.
  3. We value your opinion, as long as it agrees with ours.
  4. You have a place in our company as long as you don't make more than "X."

Can you even name 10 companies where this is actually true? she asks. Well, I probably can but none of them with more than 10 employees or partners, and none what you might call "conventional" businesses.


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Large employers are often easy targets for unfair generalizations. Sure, a larger employee population might mean a higher possibility of a few more disgruntled employees, but 'empty, meaningless and normally downright untrue'? From whence the hate?

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