Taking your daughter to work

May 29 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

One great tradition of the American workplace is "take your daughter to work day". I had completely forgotten about this American classic until I came across this personal anecdote in a Utah newspaper.

In my view, this is still a very worthwhile venture for workplaces to enjoy. What better way is there to promote the importance of family than by letting your employees know that you value them and their families?

Additionally, I think it's also very important for little girls to see their mothers at work, lest they grow up wondering where mommy is or seeing here as just someone who cooks and cleans. This also puts the notion of independence and taking responsibility for one's life in children's' heads at an early age.

Not surprisingly, there are always a couple of yahoos out there who disagree. I'm fine with that, my opinion is no more well or ill informed than the next, but some of the reasoning was utter bosh. The "think of the children!" crowd was full on in their insistence that some sort of disaster could befall the office and the children get hurt. Others worried that the workplace was an unsuitable place for young children.

What? I work in the office building and cube world, yet spend half of my day dealing with children who cry when they don't get their way and engage in petty arguments. Unless you're working in a brothel or as a hired gun, most likely your office would be suitable for at least a quick visit.

So let's put the PC aspects aside and recognize the benefits of letting our children see where it is their parents spend their day. In addition to the stronger bonds it will create, it will help them reinforce their own self-belief, as well as help them understand how mommy and daddy provide the many things that kids enjoy.