Brown and green

May 21 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

The American authorities are finally getting tough on immigration and illegal workers in California. I'm not really sure what took them so long, because finding an undocumented workers in the service industry is like shooting fish in a barrel.

However, it's misguided at best to suggest that these people are the source of the problem. My observations on this recent article lead me to believe that the wrong people are being hurt and the guilty people are getting away with it.

There must have been a hot tip made to immigration authorities when they decided to raid a taqueria in the San Francisco area recently. Who'd have thought that undocumented Mexican workers would try to work in a place that makes tacos? Brilliant.

However, here's the problem: These people might not be liked in the US, but they remain the unsung heroes of the American economy. They don't help pay for social security or other American "benefits" and while they are seen as a drain on public health facilities (no more than any other uninsured Americans), we sure like that they work cheap so that companies can maximize profits and spend, spend, spend.

Sadly, immigration in American is synonymous with two colors: brown and green. Until the American authorities stop going after those seeking a better like and start going after those who are profiting on others' American dreams, the immigration problem in the United States is not likely to get any better.