Surviving your first graduate job

May 20 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Last week we talked about this podcast from workplace engagement specialists, Best Companies, which explained some ways that new graduates can find companies that fit their goals and offer real career development opportunities.

But finding that first job is only the beginning. The next challenge is to make that job a success – those vital first 100 days. So what are the things new employees can do to help - or hinder- their careers just as they are getting started?

That's the big question our own Wayne Turmel asks in this podacst with Penny De Valk, CEO of the UK's Institute of Leadership and Management.

They explore some of the reasons graduates have trouble fitting in at their first job and how they can develop those oh-so-important "soft skills" which might not have emerged during the formal education process. Well worth a listen.

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