How to land that graduate job

May 06 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Fewer than half of all new Graduates last two years at their first job out of college. So how can you ensure you find an employer that is a good fit with your personal and professional objectives?

This podcast, hosted by our own Wayne Turmel, has some great advice.

In this podcast for Best Companies,Wayne talks to Steve Huxham, Chairman of The UK's Recruitment Society, about the key to finding the right fit. The secret? Ask lots of questions.

According to Steve, the biggest mistake newly-minted graduates make when seeking that critical first job is to forget that interviewing is more than simply answering questions. It's also a chance to ask them as well.

So how do you determine whether a company is a good fit? On way is to ask the company to describe the culture, ask your interviewer about their personal experience at the company. For other specific questions to ask, check out this.

Finally, Steve says, its important that graduates do their research before going for an interview. They need to look like they're prepared and remember that they've got one goal for the interview now that they've gotten this far - to land that job.

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