Top tips for changing careers

May 05 2008 by Print This Article

Maybe the job you have is just getting to be too much. You've tried reasoning with your boss and to make the best of it, but it's just not working out. It may just be time to admit that maybe you need to choose a different career path – in which case, these tips from Quintessential Careers could come in very useful.

The first two steps really can be combined. Essentially, you need to stop and figure out what it is you really want to do. What makes you happy? What interests you and what skills do you have? Simply making the change for money and ending up in a job you hate all over again doesn't solve much.

Once you figure out what skills you have, try to figure out which of them from your previous career can transfer effectively to your new one.

After you've decided on the job you want, you may want to volunteer or take a part-time job in that field to gain some experience before jumping in full time. You can also find a mentor who can guide you through the steps you need to take in your new career to be successful.

If you are looking to just change what it is you do, you may be able to stay with the company you are at now. Perhaps staying isn't such a bad idea, but you just need to change your daily activities.

If you want to start sending out resumes spend time researching what it takes to interview for a job, prepare a resume and head back out into the world of job-searching. Most of all, you should be flexible about things including your salary.

With those things in mind, you may be able to make the career change as easily as possible. Of course, it is always difficult to make a switch like this, but the rewards you receive may alter your life in a way that will make each day easier to live with.