Leave the office at the office

Apr 21 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

The key to a good night's sleep is leaving the office at the office. As a recent study from the University of Michigan has found, problems in the workplace can have a big impact on how you sleep.

The ten-year study of 23,000 respondents showed that over half (!!!) of those studied found that negatives in the workplace had a definite affect on quality pillow time.

These negative factors include long hours/overtime, working weekends, and above all, being harassed or hassled at work actually ruined a night's sleep.

The study also revealed that people with young children also were more susceptible to a bad night's sleep due to work.

While I can appreciate that not everyone feels the same, I've always believed that health and family come before employer. After all, what possible good are you to someone's bottom line if you are overworked and under loved?

Joking aside, it's not reasonable to expect a fresh performance from someone who is working a 9-10 hour day and the, presumably, has a tiring commute home from the office.

It's important for companies to monitor any potential health issues of their employees. It would be silly to think that an employee is going to risk looking weak or uncommitted by coming forward to tell the boss that yesterday's marathon work session tuckered them out.

Striking a proper balance between work, health, and home time Ė and quality of thereof - is a major benefit to everyone, so why not work on improving performance in the sack (sleep wise, that is).