The next big thing in management training?

Apr 11 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

In this modern world focused on the self, is it any surprise that self-improvement courses would eventually hit the workplace? More specifically, did you ever think the day would come where managers would have their own personal management trainer?

That day has come - and not just with respect to managerial health (though that might not be a bad idea): India is leading the way with personal trainers rapidly becoming available for management types to hone their managerial skills and become better bosses.

This isn't actually a bad idea Ė why leave it solely to studies and experience to make a potential leader out of a manager? Individualized training designed around a candidate's strengths and weaknesses sounds like a well-thought out plan of action for companies looking to increase productivity while continually improving efficiency.

Rather than using the sink-or-swim approach, companies can help develop careers rather than shorten them, as is often the case when ill-prepared managers fall victim to their lack of knowledge, experience, or preparedness.

But why stop there? Perhaps this would work further down the chain as well - then again, that type of cost may well be one of the things a personal management trainer might caution against.