It's all about respect

Apr 07 2008 by Print This Article

What's the number one complaint employees have when it come to their boss? Year in, year out, the answer stays the same. As As this piece on Classes & Careers explains, the number one reason employees hate their bosses is because they feel they are not respected.

As the article states, "One of greatest complaints that nearly every employee has about their boss is a perceived lack of respect. Most employees feel their bosses don't respect their privacy, their ability, and their personal lives (yes, employees have a life outside of work). As such, employers should go out of their way to show respect to each employee in the organization. Remember that respect tends to be reciprocated; as such, showing respect to employees is one of the most effective ways to win their respect and loyalty."

Micro-management is the next biggest gripe, while many employees also feel they are not paid enough, dislike meetings and that they do not feel like they are appreciated.

All of which leads to disgruntled and ineffective offices filled with more employees sending out their resume than working on what they should be.

It may seem like a pain to spend so much time trying to show respect to your employees, but apparently taking the time to show your appreciate what they do can go a long way toward making them better at what they do.

A little time out of your schedule to show you know they are working hard as well could save your company a lot of wasted time.