Florida's Die Hard fantasies

Mar 31 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

I used to think the scariest thing about Florida were the rays and the sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, now it's clear that it's the Florida House of Representatives, which gave large backing to a bill that authorizes workers to carry concealed weapons in their cars on the work premise.

Gee, sheer brilliance.

As one might image, this one was split almost to a vote down party lines, with Republican leaders repeating the same meme of Constitutional rights, etc. This debate is increasingly difficult to have because those in favor tend to repeat the same one or two lines.

But riddle me this supposing that a disgruntled worked came to the office and decided to start randomly shooting people (a plausible idea in America these days), how would anyone get out to run to their car to get their weapon? Would they use their Spidey senses?

What if the disgruntled worker is actually a chap who has a valid concealed weapon permit and goes to his car and comes back and starts shooting?

While the dreams of some type of Die Hard fantasy played out in the workplace may appeal to some, there are clearly places where firearms are appropriate and other places where one simply has to be rational and think about risk. It looks like the Florida House has failed to do so, so now we look to their Senate.


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At least 75 percent of the states have concealed carry laws. Most rational people realize that self protection is one of those inalienable rights that government only acknowledges. Those same people also realize that it is only outlaws that break laws. Do you know what you have to go through to get a permit?? At least in my state, its right under selling your soul to the devil. Anyway, has there ever been a law abiding concealed permit carrier commit one of those terrible acts you suggest? Not to my knowledge. But you miss the point entirely. At my place of work, the only option for parking is on company property. If the employer prohibits my legal means of self defense on thier property, then they are denying my right from the moment I walk out my door. If I cant take my lawful concealed weapon with me every day when I walk out the door, then the employer is not only denying me my legal right, but also placing my life in the very danger the laws were enacted to mitigate.