Follow your dreams

Mar 18 2008 by Print This Article

The real reason you may hate your job may have nothing to do with your boss at all. In fact, according to an article by John Place, hating your job may have more to do with picking the wrong career for the wrong reasons.

According to Place, "When we reach adulthood, popular opinion encourages us to discard the fantasies of youth and pick one of the prefabricated career paths available at the local university or trade school." In short, we give up too easily pursuing the things that we love.

He also states, "But popular opinion is wrong. Following your dreams is the surest way to happiness."

Place cites a psychological study by Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg regarding job satisfaction. The study shows that workers too often spend their time just pursuing money with the fervor of a starving man pursuing food. Instead of pursuing a job that means anything to them and can inspire them, they just look for the career path they feel will lead to the most money.

The problem is that once they have achieved the money they are looking for, they are left with a job that offers them no pleasure.

The author suggests that if this is you then you may want to stop your climb up your current corporate ladder right now. No matter what level you get to, you will always find new problems and new things to complain about because the work you are doing is never going to be satiating for you.

So why not go back to the dreams you had when you were younger and see if there isn't some way to make that what you do every day?