Executive survival in the modern world

Mar 06 2008 by Print This Article

One thing everyone seems to agree on is the fact that the world has gotten more hectic and that surviving in the world of modern business is getting more and more difficult.

So how does someone survive with their sanity intact as they climb the corporate ladder? Brett Cameron, writing for BrainCorp, has several ideas.

Cameron provides ten different tips for things a modern worker can do to try and make the life at the office a little less stressful. Exactly how practical some of them are is up to debate.

1. Cameron suggests increasing your awareness of everything around you. By this he means become aware of your body and where you hold tension. Listen to your body's signals for when stress is becoming too much for you.

2. Another suggestion is to take twenty minutes every day just to meditate.

3. Close behind that one is the idea of taking ten minutes of quiet time and just going for a walk during times when deadlines are coming toward you fast.

4. Taking up an exercise routine and releasing endorphins is another way he suggests can help you relieve stress.

5. "Smile at the world," is another suggestion. "Smile at the world as if you have no cares or worries and the world will smile back," Cameron writes.

There are more suggestions, but many of them are along those same lines. Of course, no mention is given how a busy executive is supposed to fit meditation and time-outs into their schedule. Still, if you think such a thing is possible, the tips given by Mr. Cameron may be helpful to you.