Checking in with the Humor Blog

Feb 27 2008 by Print This Article

When it's tough getting through the work day, there's nothing like a little humor. One blog specifically designed to occupy your downtime at work is The Office Humor Blog.

According to the site itself, it features "office pranks, daily jokes, poems, gift ideas, news, downloads, and other office humor."

But there is also some serious stuff here. One in particular that caught my eye was a story out of Utah entitled Anti-discrimination worker says she was fired for her sexual harassment claims.

Carol Kline, a former investigator at the Utah Antidiscrimination and Labor Division, has filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer alleging that she was sexually harassed to the point of quitting and then fired for making the complaints.

Kline filed three complaints of harassment between the years of 1999 and 2003, accusing male workers within the department of inappropriate behavior. Each of the complaints were upheld. Despite this, she was fired in 2005 for filing.

Now, the former employee is suing and asking for $200,000 plus back pay. She has also requested an injunction against the UALD to try and get them to stop the harassment she contends is still going on there.

What is the moral of this particular tale? If you are going to be enforcing, writing or even creating a sexual harassment policy, try not say to female employees things like, "Come sit on my lap and see what comes up," or, "You can fondle my files anytime."

And don't try explaining comments like these away by claiming that "I have my own sense of humor". Because most people won't get the joke.