The key to success? Just ask

Feb 19 2008 by Print This Article

So you are sitting in a cubicle, but you dream of having that nice corner office with a great view. How do you get there?

According to this piece by Keith Ferrazzi on, it may just be a matter of asking questions.

Ferrazzi offers and example of how asking can bring about a positive result from his own past. He relates a story of his father seeing a Big Wheel toy about to be thrown out by a woman. Since his own child wanted the very same toy, he simply approached the former owner and asked if he could take the toy, repair it and then give it to his own son. Not only did he get the Big Wheel, but the owner gave him a used bicycle instead.

As Ferrazzi states, "Every time I start to set limits to what I can and can't do or fear starts to creep into my thinking, I remember that Big Wheel tricycle. I remind myself how people with a low tolerance for risk, whose behavior is guided by fear, have a low propensity for success."

This is a lesson that can be applied in the working world when it comes to networking. Since so much in business is tied to who you know and at what time, being fearless about approaching people can be a key factor to your success.

Again, as stated by Ferrazzi, "Next time you're tempted by that misguided fantasy of success through John Wayne-style individualism, I hope you'll remember the first secret I shared with you: You can't get there alone."

Just think of that office as your Big Wheel and then start asking around about what you need to do to get it. You may just meet the right people who can help you achieve that goal.