Taiwan rejects love contracts

Feb 18 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Have you signed your love contract at work? In an example of how mad we've gone as a planet, a number of British and American companies (it's always the English speakers!) have instituted "love contracts" that dictate the way you need to act in the workplace when it comes to romance.

Oh, did I mention that you need to disclose any office romances as well? How are vice presidents supposed to hide their dalliances from their wives?

Well, fortunately, workers in Taiwan have said no to the love contract, and in resounding numbers! In fact, 70 per cent of Taiwanese have said no to such agreements. The rationale is that this contract was meaningless (in is) and relationships should not be bound by a document (they shouldn't).

But really, are we really that sad that we need a contract to tell us how to behave in the workplace? Are we really that boorish? Beyond that, do you really want your employer to know the details of your love life? Apparently the answer is yes, yes, and yes – except in Taiwan!