A bad boss - but what sort?

Feb 14 2008 by Print This Article

Blogger Shweta Khare asks a simple question: Why do we Love to Hate our Bosses?

The question is found on a website dedicated to finding positive thoughts about working in the modern world, Satisfying Career Ė Happier Life.

Khare has several boss classifications. Recognize any of them?

The "how did he/she get this job?" boss is the first one. This is the manager who seems to have no clear understanding where they are, much less where the company is headed.

The Micromanager makes another appearance. According to Khare, "Micromanagement is the primary cause of a stalled creativity; work becomes a task to be completed under a micromanager."

Then there is the bully, the boss who feels the best way to run a department or company is by intimidation.

Finally, Khare talks about "the door boss." This is the manager who shows up for work, walks into his or her office, closes the door and then stays there, locked up.

As Khare points out, how can you NOT hate these kinds of managers? These types of behavior fuel the fire of employees looking for things to talk about. What employee doesn't have a bad boss story?

At the same time, Khare and those running the site are looking for the good boss stories. So, if you have one, you may want to check it out. Maybe it's time the managers who are beloved and doing a great job get noticed.