Wanted: good managers

Feb 07 2008 by Print This Article

While it seems like the world (or at least, the Internet) has accepted the fact that most managers are incompetent, we shouldn't forget that there are plenty of good ones out there.

To redress the balance, Andre Gaulin has created a website called Damn Good Manager - and he's looking for examples to prove that "management" isn't always a dirty word.

According to the page that describes what this particular blog is about, Gaulin writes, "Damn Good Manager is dedicated to helping fellow managers make good decisions." To that end, he has printed an article by a Mike King about handling a proper yearly review.

The article about yearly reviews is long and detailed, providing tips and suggestions for managers to learn how to master the process. King states that any great supervisor needs to accept the review process, master it, and then make sure it is used. In addition, there are other articles regarding proper hiring practices and finding the right person for the job and many others about managerial greatness.

Beyond that, the website is looking for additional articles from others who have ideas for bosses who want to be better at their job.

Gaulin writes, "Damn Good Manager is looking for fellow managers on the quest to being damn good at their job. We're looking for tips, tricks, stories, or pretty much anything that will help others along the way.

Have you read any good management books or articles lately? Have you had a breakthrough with a management problem? Have you helped your team through a rough patch? Have you made a mistake and learned from it? DGM wants to hear about it."

So, if you are reading this and think you have what it takes to be considered a truly great manager, then perhaps you should e-mail Gaulin. Share your wisdom and, perhaps, the feelings towards those who are in charge can start to change.