I'd rather be in Adelaide

Feb 04 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

If you live in the UK, chances are you're fed up with the cost of living, appalling congestion, dreadful public transport, dire education system and, of course, the weather.

So the prospect of moving somewhere with "fine weather, fine wine, fine houses, fine jobs, fine beaches and fine universities" might seem pretty appealing.

That's what the South Australian government is betting on as it launches a series of cheeky ads in British newspapers in the hope of attracting 5,000 skilled workers such as plumbers and electricians.

Among the slogans being tried out in the campaign is "Sod London House Prices", "Screw Working in Staines", "Stuff London Traffic" and "Bugger it, I'm off to Adelaide ".

Bill Muirhead, who masterminded the campaign for M & C Saatchi, told The Times that "it might appear we are being rude, but a lot of things in Britain aren't good."

As a spokesman for the South Australian government put it, "it's a stand-off challenge for people to stick two fingers up to the UK and reach out for better business prospects, better health care, higher-quality education, warmer weather, lower house prices - overall a far superior way of life."