Get a new outlook on your job

Jan 30 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

We've heard of some downright bizarre initiatives adopted by some companies in an attempt to motivate their staff, but being nailed into a coffin as part of a mock funeral ritual has to take every prize going.

As CNN reports, mock funerals are part of a trend sweeping South Korea called "well-dying" - a deeply peculiar take on the concept of well-being.

As part of this movement, mock funerals are supposed to help participants map out a better future by reflecting on their past before being "reborn".

Presumably the 15 minutes they spend trapped in a wooden box with dirt being sprinkled on top of them has a suitably salutary effect . . . .

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, South Korea's largest firm, has treated 900 of its workers to mock funerals of their own, saying that the experience makes workers more efficient - which compared to the dirge-like experience delivered by most corporate motivation events, it probably does.