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We've heard of some downright bizarre initiatives adopted by some companies in an attempt to motivate their staff, but being nailed into a coffin as part of a mock funeral ritual has to take every prize going.

As CNN reports, mock funerals are part of a trend sweeping South Korea called "well-dying" - a deeply peculiar take on the concept of well-being.

As part of this movement, mock funerals are supposed to help participants map out a better future by reflecting on their past before being "reborn".

Presumably the 15 minutes they spend trapped in a wooden box with dirt being sprinkled on top of them has a suitably salutary effect . . . .

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, South Korea's largest firm, has treated 900 of its workers to mock funerals of their own, saying that the experience makes workers more efficient - which compared to the dirge-like experience delivered by most corporate motivation events, it probably does.


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Great idea - My boss is a great one for dumb team-building stuff - I'd love to nail her into a coffin for a while !

Julio Barcelona