Finding a way to do what you love

Jan 30 2008 by Print This Article

The new year is still very new and it may be time to pursue that resolution about finding a job you can really love.

But how do you go about doing that? This piece on has some good suggestions.

Step one may seem obvious, but may be the most difficult. Define what your dream job actually is. What are you passionate about? Is that something you can imagine yourself doing every day, all day long?

Step two would be to face your fears. Making a career change and starting out on your own is intimidating. Face them head on and plan how to get around them.

Step three is to make sure you do your research. It would be unwise you quit your job and start your own business without doing some legwork.

Step four is to find a mentor. You aren't the first person to make a career change and doubtlessly you aren't the first to start the career you dream about. Find someone who did it first and ask for their help.

Step five is to take your dream job for a test drive. Once again, you can rely on your mentor for help here. Do it part-time for a while and see if you still like it.

Step six is to create a plan of action. What are your first steps? What small steps can you take now that can lead to that final transition?

Step seven, according to Kurth is to "establish thresholds." He also writes, "It is important to understand how much risk, challenge, and uncertainty you can tolerate before the life satisfaction goal becomes blurred by the process."

Finally, the eight step is to "think big, start small." Don't imagine you are going to start a Fortune 500 company the very next day. Keep looking for the small steps and work your way up.

With those tips in mind and hard work you may be looking back in a year at a major change in your career. You may also find yourself in a job you truly love.