Where fun comes to die

Jan 29 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Looking for a good time? Then let me suggest you avoid working in the United Kingdom. Because according to a survey by a firm of business psychology experts, 37% of British employees admitted to "suppressing any feeling of fun" in the workplace.

What's the reason for this? Apparently, it's to better fit into a "growing" corporate climate. Well, taking one's work seriously is all well and good, but humans need refuge from the day in, day out of the office. A little bit of laughter and fun is certainly permissible on occasion.

In fact, I'd suggest that if your office is like a morgue most of the day, you're possible in the wrong place to work.

Beyond the humor of the topic, it's not just about having a laugh on the boss's dime. Being able to decompress, or even have a laugh with co-workers is an integral part of the workplace environment and its "healthiness". Co-workers need to feel free to express themselves in order to keep their wits about them!

Quite frankly, I prefer that my co-workers share a laugh together as it helps bond the team, it helps newer members better integrate and find out more about their teammates.

To get a better idea of where the UK stands, let's just say that 13% of respondents in Holland and 19% in France felt the same way!