How to control your ego

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Jan 28 2008 by Print This Article

1. Beware of the boundaries: There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

2. Let them speak: Make sure you hear others out, not just by acknowledging with a nod but actually listening to the words and registering what they are saying. If there is a moment of silence while you digest it then all the better.

3. Be generous: As the saying goes 'If you catch too many fish the best place to store them is in another man's stomach. Egotism can lead to selfishness and often altruism and generosity will get you much further.

4. Show don't tell: Strike a balance between feeling good and telling everyone how good you are.

5. Treat people with equal status: Even if you are the expert in your field, recognise that others around you are great too.

6. Be human: When someone asks for personal advice, put your own agenda to one side and base your recommendations on what you think is in their best interest.

7. Publicly thank others: Be gracious and show that you think of others. When people believe that they will be appreciated they tend to be more trusting with their time and support.

8. Listen to criticism and be seen to take it on board: It doesn't have to be wholeheartedly accepted but enough to show that you are willing to change.

9. Fall down: Prescribe yourself a heavy dose of failure. Make it your goal to be rejected by at least five people. This shift in focus helps us see ourselves in a different light.

10. Finally, don't feel slighted: Don't expect people to endow you with status it needs to be earned not imposed.