How about trying some meeting haiku?

Jan 16 2008 by Print This Article

New-year company and departmental meetings are probably in full-swing now across the world. And managers love to do these to make it seem like they are still "in touch" with their workers.

Of course, if they really were in touch they would know their employees were bored to death in these meetings. So to help stay awake, ever thought of trying to write a meeting haiku?

Yes, those strange, short poems you probably hated writing in English class in school can help you survive a meeting. They are short poems that don't necessarily rhyme and are usually five syllables in the first sentence, seven in the second line and five, again, in the third. Just make observations of what's going on during the meeting and let the creativity flow.

Here a a couple from the Just Well Mixed blog.

Big U-shaped table
Consultant with a laptop
I hate long meetings

Vivid descriptors
Consultant-speak words that mean
"Say the obvious"

Just remember to keep track of the syllables. Half of the fun is trying to get just the right words to say what you want it to say but within correct rules of the poems. Before you know it, you may even be looking forward to the next round of corporate meetings.


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Meeting started late. Oh no! There's no agenda. Haiku won't save us.

Patricia San Francisco, CA, USA