Those salesman nightmares

Jan 08 2008 by Print This Article

Being a salesman can be a tough job. You have to stand in front of potential customers and do anything and everything to convince them to buy your product. That means having confidence in whatever it is you are selling.

Yet this isn't always possible - and this piece on shows just how wrong things can go.

For example, there was the salesman who was trying to demonstrate how resilient a kind of light was when subjected to abuse. However, he had put the wrong kind of light-bulb in the device, so when the time came to knock the lamp over and demonstrate its imperviousness, the lamp exploded. Being sharp on his feet, he quickly turned this around into a lesson on using the correct equipment and made the sale.

There is the tale of the salesperson that walked into the boss' office to demand a raise. The problem was this employee was completely unaware that the tissue paper seat protector from the restroom was firmly stuck to her posterior.

Then there's the salesman who tried to dress in a hurry - and in the dark - to make a sales meeting. When he got to work and stood up in front of the people at the sales meeting, it was only then that someone mentioned a pair of lace panties was clinging to his shirt. The lesson there is to always be sure to dress with the lights on and do a mirror-check before leaving.

Of course, the world of sales is full of tales like this and Christ Lytle appears to be collecting them all. Hopefully they can serve as object lessons to those of you making your living my selling products and services to the rest of the world.