Marshall Goldsmith on succession planning

Jan 07 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Why do so many business leaders find it difficult to hand over the baton to their successor? That's the issue best-selling author and renowned executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith, explores with us as he joins Wayne Turmel for the first Working Week podcast of 2008.

As a recent article here on Management-Issues highlighted, this is an issue that is rapidly growing in importance, with fully three-quarters of C-Suite executives in the U.S. now viewing succession planning as their most significant challenge for the future.

Coincidentally, the problem of succession planning and the challenges of letting go and hading over the reins to new people also happens to be the subject of Marshall's next book, Passing the Baton.

And as he explains, there are a host of emotional and personal issues surrounding succession planning which makes so many incumbents disinclined to let go.

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