Even the powerful have had jobs they hated

Dec 13 2007 by Print This Article

It's not just the everyday workers who hate their jobs. Even some of those hoping to be the President of the United States have had their fair share of jobs that they loathed, as this piece by Associated Press explains.

On the Democrat side, it turns out Hillary Rodham Clinton once spent time "sliming fish in a cannery." Nice. John Edwards, meanwhile, regrets the time he spent cleaning up in a textile mill. Senator Barrack Obama from Illinois says his worst job was scooping ice cream and "eating too much of it." Finally, Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, says the job that nearly worked him to death was that of a landscaper.

As far as the Republicans go, one-time Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee claims that washing windows for a JC Penneys store made him sensitive to leaving fingerprints on glass doors. Mitt Romney just about takes the cake by stating his worst job was not only cutting a sewer pipe, but having to work in a sewer with active sewage running through it.

Senator and actor Fred Thompson listed a huge number of jobs he disliked, including working in a factory and selling clothing and shoes. But Rudi Giuliani had no comment, while Senator John McCain refused to commit one way or the other and declared he never had a bad job.

So, all may not be lost for those of you stuck in a job you hate. You may just be the next leader of a country and have a great story to tell.