More tales from the interview room

Dec 05 2007 by Print This Article

It's time, once again, to check in on the crazy things some people experience while interviewing people for a job.

Much like doing reference checks, finding the right candidate can be a long and tedious process. But here are always a few amusing moments, as this piece on reminds us.

As a good start, there was the woman who answered "yes" to whether or not she had committed a felony. She explained in the interview that she had gotten angry at her husband, hired a hit-man to kill him, then thought better of it and called it all off. She attempted to reassure her potential employer by saying that she is now on medication and "all right" these days.

Then there was the gentleman who participated in a panel interview. Throughout, he kept looking at his watch and acting nervous. When he was finally asked why he seemed so anxious to leave, the candidate stated his wife was giving birth and he had been dropped off at the interview while she was being taken to the hospital. When asked why he didn't call to reschedule he stated he "really needed this job."

In another story, the recruiter relates how he or she was once searching for a candidate to work as a phlebotomist which is a person who draws blood from donors. When asked if she enjoyed her job, the candidate responded that she really didn't like needles.

The list is endless. It is truly amazing how much of the chaff a recruiter has to go through in order to find the right candidate. Still, it may be worth the hours of mind-numbing questions to come away with a few good stories.