Dealing with a job you hate

Nov 30 2007 by Print This Article

There's nothing worse than working at a job you hate. You need the money, because you have bills to pay, but that means spending most of your time at a place you hate. How do you cope?

It may be a couple of years old, but the advice in this article by Kate Lorenz is pretty much timeless.

Her first tip is to "set weekly goals." The idea of this one is that, yes, you hate your job but that there must be something out there you would love to do. So, take the time, each day, to prepare your resume or researching the career that would make you happy.

Another suggestion is to give yourself "me" time each day. Sure, you hate the idea of walking into your office, but if you get up a bit earlier and spend time drinking coffee, listening to music or reading the newspaper it may help. Entering the place you hate in a frantic state will only make the day you dread worse.

Two other tips are to "create diversions" and "blow off steam." In other words, develop some outside interests that will help you deal with your frustrations.

One of the final tips is to realize that nothing in this world is permanent. While it may seem like you will be at your miserable job for the rest of your life, this really is not the likely scenario. Each of us is in charge of our own destiny, and if you want a change, then change can happen.

There are plenty of other ideas in the article. None of them may actually make you excited about getting up for work the next day, but each one can help you deal with the misery. While that may not be the best thing, it certainly makes getting through the day easier.