How to deal with a bullying boss

Nov 15 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

It's a depressing fact that we receive more questions to our Advice Clinic about how to deal with bad, bullying or just plain psychotic bosses than we do about any other single issue.

The latest real-life dilemma we address concerns someone whose boss is entertaining, persuasive and talented - but he is also a self-serving sociopath who deals ruthlessly with anyone who he perceives to be a threat.

So how can you deal with someone like this without becoming just another name on the list of ex-employees who tried to deal with the bully but failed? Dan Bobinski has a great solution for anyone who finds themselves in this unpleasant situation. Essentially, he advocates a low-key mass mutiny - but one based on obsessive documentation and rigid objectivity.

It's tough advice to follow Ė but we've yet to hear better.


Older Comments

why do most the books, advice columns, and blogs in usa, about how to deal with bad bosses, are weak (not standing up to them, find another job, or quit, and give very soft advices). why don't they encourage people to stand up to crazy bosses?.

h. karzazi

I was bullied at work and made complaint. They found no evidence. I was threaten twice by the staff in charge if I made more complaints it will all come back to me they found no evidence. I was forced to resign and lost my job in a day. Even I worked long time in the company. That is what happen when you want to face up the bully and nobody will confirm that even they are there and they see it. They will make you lose your job so they can save theirs.


I was a victim of being bullied and the whole office teamed up together and even the boss. After 18 years in the company and ten years in the department I was bullied to the point of a breakdown and no one took responsibility.