Learning from a bad boss

Nov 06 2007 by Print This Article

What can be learned from the multitude of stores about bad bosses that we all read on the web? Well, here's a piece that not only tells a familiar story of bad management but also but explains what the writer gained from dealing with a bad boss.

Alan worked for this boss during a time in his life when things were not going well. At first, things seemed great and the boss seemed like a guy worth working for. By the time Alan left, however, his boss was under suspicion of income tax evasion, was charged with being racist and sexist, and that was only the surface of the complaints against the man.

So, first off, Alan learned that it was always more beneficial to pay your taxes than to try to get around paying what you owed. Second, he figured out that, whatever situation he was in, it was always his own fault. He didn't have to stay in that job if he really didn't want to, for example.

Third, he learned to establish strong relationships and treat others with respect. Fourth, having strong moral values is essentially to being a strong leader, was another key lesson learned. Finally, he discovered that, eventually, life does give rewards to those who put forth the effort.

Is your boss getting you down? Does it seem like you're not going anywhere? It may be time to step back and take stock of what you are learning from your current situation. In the end, what you come away with from even the worst of bosses, can help make you a better person and an even better manager.