Dealing with an unethical boss

Nov 02 2007 by Print This Article

You and the rest of the people around you know that something is going on with your manager. He or she is doing things that are, at the very least, unethical, if not outright illegal. But because it's the boss, no one wants to say or do anything. What do you do about that?

Over at, Roberta Chinsky Matuson has some suggestions.

The first thing to do is find out just how many others in the department or within the company are aware of what's going on. Always remember that there is "safety in numbers." It may seem like no one else wants to say anything, but maybe people are just waiting to be asked. Perhaps several of you can get together and approach a senior manager to discuss the issue.

Before approaching anyone else about the situation make sure you have all of your facts in order. If you have documentation to back up your complaints, that will make your argument stronger. Being open and honest with the upper managers is also key.

Finally, you should be sure that you actually want to stay in the job you have. Sure, the job may seem perfect, but just how perfect can it be if the boss is creating problems? If you decide that moving elsewhere is the best situation, then prepare your resume and your own mind for a job search.

Just because your boss is doing things that are completely unethical does not mean you need to compromise your own morals. It takes courage, but you can face up to your manager and maybe improve things for everyone else in the process.


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I have been working under duress for the last 6 1\2 years under the direction of a boss who is unethical. He has tried to trump up incidences to get me fired but they have failed. The latest incident is that he broke the law and planted a hidden microphone in the office. The company I work for covered it up and said that it was not used for that purpose. I was told in confidence by a very scared employee that it was. I am due for a yearly performance evaluation and I don't want to have it with him. I don't trust him and them meeting is not going to produce for me a descent raise because he is evil and full of hate. Please tell me if there are any sample letters to respectfully remove myself from this meeting? Thank you

Kris Clarke United States