Pulling pranks at work

Oct 15 2007 by Print This Article

The office seems to be the perfect place for pulling some great pranks. The folks over at Monster.com asked their customers and readers to send in their favorites. Now they have published the best of those office hi-jinx stories.

Of course, some of this could not only get you fired, but also get you arrested.

At least two of the suggestions involve food. One worker made a batch of cookies and switched the salt and sugar ratios in the recipe. The final product was, essentially, a miniature salt-lick.

Another employee decided to bring cotton balls dipped in chocolate on April Fool's Day and watched as employees attempted to eat soggy, but chocolaty, cotton.

One enterprising employees rigged up a sign to put on the automated coffee machine that stated the machine had been outfitted with voice-activation. Those in on the joke then stood back and watched one person after another scream into the coin slot.

Another employees rigged up some fake legs to make it look like a construction worker had taken up permanent residence in a bathroom stall in the ladies room.

All in all, the pranks seem relatively harmless and most of them were done on April Fool's Day. Still, one needs to be a little careful when it comes to planning and executing an office prank in this day and age. What may have seemed funny in the planning stages could get you fired or worse during the execution.