China faces shortage of finance pros

Oct 10 2007 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Thinking of a new direction in your career? Are you thinking of taking on a new challenge? Do you work in the financial sector? Do you speak Chinese? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you may want to pack up and head to the Far East. Because as HRM Singapore points out, China is in great need of financial expertise in its emerging economy.

China is facing increasing difficulty as its financial system moves to a more market-oriented style. Surprisingly, it's not necessarily government bureaucracy that is posing these problems, but decades of Chinese higher-education that hasn't taught finance degrees.

As the Chinese market expands and becomes increasingly open, this is a gold opportunity for Westerners to work their way in to the Chinese market. It's also a great chance for Asian financial experts to penetrate the Chinese market. Not only would the expertise of these two groups help the Chinese market along, but it could also continue to steward in political changes in Beijing.

Fortunately, the demand for finance education and the number of finance students is steadily on the rise, but it will certainly be some time before we see the affects of this new revolution.