Interview entertainment

Oct 05 2007 by Print This Article

Interviewing potential new employees can be a real pain and, sometimes, a total waste of time. But it can also be an endless source of entertainment as this piece from illustrates.

Amongst some of the more "interesting" answers to application form or interview questions, we have an application from the days when employment applications had spaces for Social Security Number, name and sex. One candidate decided to be a little too honest and next to sex wrote: "three times a week". When she was told that just "male" or "female" would do, she responded that she just wanted to be truthful.

Another candidate was asked how to cut and paste using Microsoft Word software and replied "scissors and glue."

One particularly enterprising individual said that his part-time job was to recycle metal he found along the side of the highway. Not long after that he was arrested for stealing tractors parked in fields near major roads.

So, when the thought of interviewing a room full of candidates has got you down, don't worry. Just think of the comedy that could be the result of talking to those people.