Best and worst jobs - or not

Sep 24 2007 by Print This Article

What are the best and worst jobs around? Researcher Les Krantz has some views on this he has espoused in this piece for - and some of his answers may be a bit surprising.

The criteria Krantz used to determine the best and worst jobs is a bit interesting. For example, he makes assumptions about certain professions and assumes that working inside is better than working outside. He also assumes that working in a non-competitive environment is a plus-point.

As for what factors he used to choose the best, he concentrates on income, stress, physical demands, outlook, security and work environment.

As such, the list of Krantz' best and worst is rather strange. For example, on his list of the best jobs he has Accountant and Actuary listed first. Parole officer and Statistician also appears on the list of best jobs.

The worst jobs list also has some interesting choices. Construction worker tops the list. Dancer also makes an appearance. Cowboy also shows up on the worst list.

No sign anywhere of hairdressing Ė which regularly gets cited as the job which makes people happiest. And probably the first time ever that a survey has made anyone out there who is an accountant or actuary feel better about their career choice.