Do you hate your job?

Sep 14 2007 by Print This Article

Do you hate your job? Are you sure? According to 7 Ways to Determine that you Hate your Job, there are certain signs to look for that might indicate how you really feel about it.

Do you get the "Monday Morning Blues?" If you truly dread Monday more than any other day, then the work you are doing may not be work you find enjoyable or rewarding.

Is Friday the day you long for more than any other? When it comes to time off, who doesn't enjoy it? However, if you spend all of Friday just longing to leave, then maybe your work isn't providing the contentment it should.

Enjoy gossiping more than working? If you spend more time chatting about your bosses and co-workers than at your desk getting work done, there might be problems.

Other signs include avoiding projects until the very last minute and not ever receiving any kind of recognition from management for projects you do complete. All of these are signposts that maybe the job you are working at is not the job for you.

So, what's the solution? Looking for a new job is one. The second is maybe trying to change the job you have. If you used to love your job and now you hate it, maybe it's time to look at what changed. Can it be changed back?

Given that humans spend most of their lives working, it only stands to reason that the work they do should be something they enjoy doing. If it isn't, then maybe there are ways to change it.