How to be a good boss

Aug 29 2007 by Print This Article

If what the web tells us is anything to go by, it seems almost universally accepted that bosses suck. So, as a manager, what are you to do? Doesn't anyone have any advice about how to be a good boss? Is being one even possible? Well, yes - and this article has some tips that might be useful.

The article starts by stating three of the biggest missteps a manager makes. "I'm right, you're wrong. Obey me" is the first example of the wrong attitude.

"I'm higher on the organizational chart. That means I'm better than you" is another common mistake. Thinking that everything an employee lower on the pay scale suggests or produces is wrong is another bad move.

Instead, the author suggests ways in which a manager might have the opposite effect on their employees. "When something fails, take responsibility." So if an employee fails to meet a deadline, look at what you as their supervisor did wrong to make that happen. And if the employee is that bad, maybe you need to look at your hiring methods.

"Understand employee motivations" is another tip. When you have an eager employee, take the time to listen to them. More importantly, try to understand them. Instead of shrugging and then giving that person menial tasks, listen and use their energy to benefit you.

"Reverse the organizational chart" is a crucial idea. Get into the mindset that you work for your employees rather than the other way around. Also realize that employees can, in a sense, fire their bosses.

It may take radically altering your way of thinking to get to the point where you are a "good" boss. However, taking the time to understand the ways in which you can change could lead to a working environment that is productive rather than antagonistic.