Employees from hell

Aug 24 2007 by Print This Article

As much as employees like to complain about their managers, let's not forget that many managers have to deal with some pretty dire employees.

Leslie Mann, columnist and blogger for the Washington Post, is looking for stories about those kinds of employees. In this posting on her blog, she asks for your stories.

The original article was published last year, but people are still submitting. Leslie herself starts things off by talking about two employees who showed up to work wearing the wrong kind of clothes for an office. It's the responses that she got to this article that really get interesting.

One poster relates the story of one employee whose abused of her privileges as a telecommuter and ruined things for everyone else who was doing the same.

Another story from an IT department talks about the intern who thought it would be appropriate to bring his Xbox to work and play with it during the day.

Then there's the employee who would take every other Monday off to go to a "funeral." Finally, there's the tale of a manager who had someone call in sick only to bump into that person on a plane from Las Vegas.

So, yes, there are managers out there who are tough to work with. There are those who seem out of touch. There are even some who seem to be complete idiots. But let's not forget that stupidity can extend well below the bosses and deep into the employee pool as well.