More tales from the dark side

Aug 23 2007 by Print This Article

Sometimes the way that companies behave leaves you open-mouthed with astonishment. Take the way some handle the sacking of employees, as explained in this post on

It seems that the managers had reached the decision that large numbers of employees were going to be laid off. It was also decided that letting any of this information out early would create a panic among the staff. Well, one of those workers was a corporate trainer who traveled around the country doing computer training. What could they do about him?

According to this writer, "the manager had no choice but to watch Bob pack his things and take a flight to Chicago, knowing he was going to have to call him there to tell him he was out of a job." So, yes, this employee got to find out he was out of a job while on the road, hundreds of miles from home.

Despite all of the planning, word apparently did leak out. All of the people who were about to be sacked were aware of it before hand, including the one who was traveling. So, what did that employee decide to do instead of his training class?

"He called his boss and asked if this was true, was told yes. So he wrote the note on the wall, headed to the nearest open bar (8 am) and proceeded to drink his return ticket."