The Gibberish Generator

Aug 21 2007 by Print This Article

Putting together a business prospectus for a technology or internet company can be tough these days. How do you know what business gibberish to use to make your company sound "in-the-know"? The Corporate Gibberish Generator at can help.

To use the Generator all you need to do is enter your company's name. It then creates a company information brochure containing a raft of meaningless words and phrases that sound impressive but accomplish nothing.

For example: "What does the commonly-accepted term 'vertical' mean?" That is the first question asked, set apart from the main text via a colorful box.

Then: "Have you ever been unable to matrix your feature set? Immediately? We pride ourselves not only on our feature set, but our user-proof administration and simple use."

And how about: "HMIL Productions has refactored the theory of compliance." A second colorful box highlights the fact that: "Your budget for facilitating should be at least one-half of your budget for transforming."

Put in a different company name ands you'll get an entirely different document equally loaded with stupid, idiotic and utterly meaningless buzzwords and business-speak.

You may want to use this tool as a comparison for your own company's documentation. If it sounds too similar, maybe you want to do some re-writing.