The new nomads

Aug 20 2007 by Derek Torres Print This Article

When you hear the term "nomad", you might think of biblical peoples or an eternal hippie-ish wanderer, but it's time to cast those old ways of thinking aside. As this article in the Kansas City Star points out, the nomadic worker is quite in fashion in the American workplace these days.

Thanks to the latest marvels of technology, professionals who open their pocketbooks, or convince their employer to do it for them, are enjoying the benefits of the wireless world.

With the omnipresence of wireless routers and mobile phone/PDAs, there's really nothing you can do at the office that you cannot do from a coffeehouse or in your garden (except snore through long-winded meetings).

Within the past several weeks, we've discussed ways to improve worker morale and office harmony. While nomadic working isn't viable for every person, let alone every job industry, there are some jobs that are perfect for this sort of thing.

After all, someone who doesn't communicate at work will most likely not communicate well from home or at Starbucks. Yet, for many people, this could be exactly the professional perk they need to re-ignite job enthusiasm.

This nomadic work approach is an idea that more progressive managers should consider. Not only does it reduce necessary office space, but it also drastically cuts down an employee's commute time. Technology has finally allowed us to work as productively away from the office as when in the office; let's see if there's any chance of managers joining in this tech revolution.


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I was recruited into the flavour of the day to restructure and reorganize the corporation and was downsized at age 50. Led by a team of overpriced consultants and a management with gusto to outsource everything in the name of cost cutting and system improvement. My department was called platforms and integrity and I helped name it.

I couldn't wait to take a buy out and escape these morons. I was tired of going to a going away party every week and sent a clear warning that the costs of this would destroy the corporation and contractors would rip off what was left.

The name Management angers me to this day. Its the workers who suffered at the gutless acts these mental midgit so called managers ruined the workforce. But what do I care I am retired and let those white shirts fiqure it all out , if they ever get a job working on the plant floor and get their head out of the sand and uot of the bosses ass. Disgruntled employee ? You bet your bippie. Let management run the outfit . Management issues , the biggest one is the employees hate you. Thanks for letting me vent. Talk to my lawer.

Eldon Hunt Canada