Work or Spoon?

Aug 17 2007 by Print This Article

Some employees seem to be working at a steady level of hell that can scarcely be believed. The imaginatively-named website Work or Spoon has been created for these unfortunates.

The people at Work or Spoon pose this question: "Have you ever had a day where you just thought that gouging your eye out with a spoon would be so much less painful than going to work?"

In response, they created a website geared toward helping the average worker deal with things like "useless co-wokers" and "bosses that would better serve as door stops."

On the website you will find a collection of articles by various contributors. There are also comics with a work-related bent as well as a "Question of the Week" section which asks things like: "What would you write in a resignation letter if you could write anything you wanted to with no negative consequences?"

So what's your decision: go into work, or use that spoon?


Older Comments

Google just alerted me to this post, thanks very much. For those managers who look upon my site as just a bunch of whining complainers, I suggest you start your perusal of the site with my 'Fortune Cookie Theory of Management' article (you can find it by searching for 'fortune'). It might give you a better insight into the inner workings of the minds of those who post there. If it doesn't, you can probably assume there's a story about you on the site. :)