Take a class in Badbossology

Aug 09 2007 by Print This Article

Is your boss a pain? Well, of course, just about everyone thinks that their boss is a problem at one time or another. It's nice to know, then, that the internet is full of sites that claim to be able to help you deal with that problem. One of the most interesting is Badbossology.com.

The site has reams information and links about how to deal with bosses who do everything from moving desks without cause to managers who hire their children and ones that want to blame their employees for their problems.

Mostly, though, the site is a kind of work place support group. Disgruntled workers have filled the forums with pleas for advice and help. The community, in turn, has responded, providing these people with ways they can improve their lot in life.

Some of the best advice, interestingly, is how to prepare a resume and where to go to look for other jobs. It is just further proof that too many bosses preside over offices full of angry, frustrated and miserable employees.


Older Comments

people advise you to find different employment because of a bully boss and mobbing. But if we do not find a way to get the bully bosses stopped what good is that. You can change one bully for another and on and on by changing jobs and lose your sanity in the process. And no one has said what happens to you if a bully has HR in their mob list (Bosses are so good at the conning they do) which is what happens to a lot of us. How do you deal with that. HR is supposed to be the one that helps employees with this type of situation and some don't no matter how much documentation you have as that is 'still your word against theirs' especially if you have a bully who does their bullying when there are no witnesses. The boss can do no wrong in their eyes!! Its too bad privacy laws do not allow employees to document with tape or video... but isn't it funny that you see Employers using video on tv to 'catch' employees. And if you try to tell others what is going on you are considered someone who is a bad apple because you are bringing discontent to the team and then they in turn are against you because the boss will say you are the one causing the problem. Vicious cycle sort of like domestic abuse in my situation. I have been isolated.