Naked Strategy

Aug 03 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Naked Strategy is our new podcast series bringing together the unique talents of UK-based Management-Issues columnist and business guru, Max McKeown and, from California, writer, speaker, and management consultant, Laurence Haughton.

Max and Laurence describe the show as "an x-ray for business leaders" that shines the spotlight on the strategic issues that lurk behind the business news headlines.

If you find what they have to say irreverent and perverse - that's great! Naked Strategy's mission is to illuminate, to connect the dots that link what we read and are told with what is really going on at work and in the world.

In the first episode, they muse on the fate of Chrysler and wonder how a company that Mercedes paid more than $36bn in 1998 ended up getting sold for just less than $7bn. The crux of the issue? It's all about rhythm!

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Listen to the first episode using the player here, or head on over to the Podcast page to download it and sign up for the Naked Strategy feed.