Going to your head

Jul 20 2007 by Print This Article

Our old friend The Corporate Cynic is back with some more valuable insights into things to watch for in today's corporate world.

His latest post, Let's Raise Organization IQ at HQ, examines how companies with branch offices can end up with more problems than they realize. Namely, people working at the "Corporate HQ" often let that fact go straight to their heads.

The Cynic admits that he experienced many of these pitfalls himself because he worked at an HQ for nearly 18 years. During that time he noticed that many at the corporate offices often thought of themselves as the most-important part of the organization, and came to regard the branches as nuisances.

He gives detailed examples, as well. There's the "jerk of a clerk" which tells how one clerk used his position at "corporate" to have others do his dirty work. Then there's the "star of HR" which relates how a forms keeper in HR found herself wined and dined at local branches because she was from "HQ."

The there's the story about the "re-engineered engineer" and how misplaced respect for those from "corporate" can lead to problems. Finally, he tells the tale of the "accountant not to count on" which explains how the power of working at "HQ" can lead to power-trips.

It's an interesting look at modern corporate culture. As more and more companies merge with others, it is inevitable that this creates a Corporate Headquarters and dozens of branches. How those at the HQ treat those in the branches can greatly affect a company's efficiency and ability to work effectively.