A cascade of complaints

Jul 18 2007 by Print This Article

There are a lot of things that annoy people in this world. Sometimes a friend or your partner does something you really, really hate. Sometimes television, or telemarketers or politicians do things are to blame. Well, the website IReallyHateThat.com is a place where you can let off steam about what you really hate.

Guess what people there like to complain about more than any other? Yes, that would be their work, their boss and their co-workers.

A quick glance at the home page finds most of the complaint sections filled to capacity with people who want to rant in short paragraphs about their work and working conditions.

Most of the complaints seem the same as those on all of the other websites. Employees don't feel like they get paid enough for doing good work. They don't want their boss hanging around their desk. They hate co-workers who ask stupid questions. All of those complaints cascade down the page like a waterfall.

Once again, one has to wonder what the modern employee wants? Judging from the universal complaints it seems like they want to be left alone, get paid for the work they do, and get rewarded for any extra work they put in. There's no great mystery to it, but exactly why these things are not happening remains a mystery.