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Complaining about your boss seems to have taken on a whole new dimension in the internet age. Not only are there blogs, forums and chat groups dedicated solely to our managers, there are even contests. has an annual contest called, appropriately enough, the Bad Boss Contest - and it will soon be time to submit your stories for 2007.

Last year, the website claims to have received 2,500 entries. The winner was a dentist nominated by was "Cat Scratch" who was not only notoriously cheap, but bilked his employees out of money on September 11, 2001.

Apparently when several patients, understandably, canceled their appointments on that day, the good doctor decided to take $100 out of every employee's paycheck to make up for it.

No word just yet about prizes or when to submit for this year, but the site does say the second contest will start soon. So, stay tuned. If you're not careful, you could someone you know listed as the winner in 2008.


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I have just completed a book on 'Bullying in the Workplace.' This book contains page after page of stories, from people just like you and me. People who are or have been the victims of a hostile work environment. Read their stories and you will realize that you are not alone. It is happening all over. And it is high time it stopped.

Diane Monet Nobles Atlanta, GA (USA)

It's up now!!! Check it out at - top 2 winners get a vacation and all finalists win a 'bad boss survival kit' with an Aretha Franklin CD, earplugs, rear-view mirror, Working America T-shirt, etc. haha :O)


I lost my mother two years ago. This June 07, I found out that my dad had colon cancer. I asked for time off to be at the surgery and help my dad afterwards. My boss told me to tell the office manager that she would block out time for me and told me to go take care of my daddy.

Daddys surgery was on a friday, my boss called me on the monday after the surgery. He asked me if I still wanted my job. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My daddy lives four and a half hours away from me.

When I got back to work I caught hell.

After that he wanted me to go on a business trip. An instructor that worked for our manufacturer was there as well. He called my room at 1:30 in the morning drunk trying to talk to me. I went back and told my boss about the incident and he said, oh that is another issue. That it, that is all he said.

The weeks went by and the instructor came to our home office and my boss wanted me to get in the car with him so I could take him with me on some of my client calls. I told him I had a dentist appt. that morning, he said fine but when you get back you will ride with him like I said.

I went to the dentist and never went back to my job.

He is the #1 crappy boss in my book!

Brenda Savannah, Georgia

my husband and I worked for a FAMILY of jerks!!! They 'own' a Inn - actually, a relative put up the initial money - these people didn't invest a cent -

from thet getgo - we had to chase our paychecks and reimbursements - and they refused to buy a computer - everything ran off of MY LAPTOP! Got a virus - and when the Inn computer finally arrived - the only way they would take care of my laptop was for their son in law to take it home. It had my personal info on it!!!

our apt was unfinished - we moved in the same day as the guests. i was injured at the inn one of the sons paid a whopping 24.00 for office chair - it was unstable. i have scars on my butt!

this place was designed to be very nice for the guests - but to keep the managers as slaves. one apt size stackable washer/dryer - for 16 guests! we were on same master key system as guests - a guest could get into our living quarters! dishwasher took 2.5 hours - last load of dishes not done until 4pm! A day off - hah!

we finaly got smart and left - we left a day early - it felt so good to be out of their manipulative BS! guess what - we haven't received our last paychecks or vacation pay!!!

amy New Jersey

'Workplace violence is any act against an employee that creates a hostile work environment and negatively affects the employee either physically or psychologically. Bullying is a non-homicidal form of violence and a systematic campaign that jeopardizes your health, your career, your family and the job you once loved. And because it is violent , emotional and physical harm results. Bullies are not psychopaths. They are normal people who get very aggressive at work. And it is not about you'.( To date there are ten employees including myself who have been subjected to some form of repeated harassing, malicious, cruel and humiliating attempts to undermine us by the same manager, in the same department, in the same facility in southern New Hampshire. Four employees have been terminated while the others have left because of the emotional toll it was taking on their health. Having worked with eight of these wonderful people I can attest to their character, professionalism, skill, loyalty and genuine care for the people in the community. One employee was tormented and terminated after 38 years of service excellence. She was constantly ordered into meetings without any warning or support and subjected to being yell at, intimidated, belittled and routinely threatened with termination. She was humiliated and tormented by words, intonations and attacks on her character even though her work performance and yearly reviews were very good. Another employee from the same department was terminated last week. I was terminated from this department after 28 years of continuous, loyal service to this facility. Like the other employees my evaluations were great, coworkers enjoyed working with me and my patients appreciated all that I did for them. I had received a substantial pay raise 5 months before the torment and bullying began because the management said they ' appreciated the years of dedication, professionalism and ability to be a team player. What we all have in common is the fact we were subjected to emotional distress and psychological harassment over a period of time resulting in mental and physical distress. By this managers words, intonations and actions he created an environment that was hostile and offensive. And the documentation about each encounter we had with this bully was twisted, inaccurate and crafted to be so hurtful we were doubting our sanity. . Sadly the administration including Human Resources were aware of the hostile work environment within this department and did nothing to prevent or abate the problem. We begged them for help but were just sent back to the bully for 'conflict resolution' . Stopping workplace violence requires more than mere 'conflict resolution'. We were offered counseling but only at the hands of this abuser. Workplace violence is an occupational and safety health hazard and addressed by OSHA in their guidelines for preventing workplace violence for healthcare and social service workers. (OSHA 3148-01R2004). I would be interested in knowing the cost of mental and physical ill health that this stress has caused on not only the abused employee but to all the others that witnessed the abuse and were too afraid for their jobs to say anything. I know I ended up in the emergency room with chest pains after a particularly cruel meeting, sought out psychological counseling and took two weeks of short term disability to try and process what was happening to me. Eleven years ago I battled breast cancer with a poor prognosis. I would rather fight that battle again then endure what I did at the hands of this evil man and an administration that turned a deaf ear to my pleas for help. At least when I was fighting breast cancer I knew who the enemy was. There are no states that have laws that safeguard employees from the abuse. On January 7, 2010 a legislature from Hinsdale, New Hampshire proposed legislation (House Bill 1403) designed to provide legal protection for workers subjected to an abusive and hostile work environment. Several of us who were negatively impacted by this cruel and evil manager shared our experiences before the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee in Concord, NH. Sadly the proposed bill went no farther. Hopefully with public awareness, a new administration and claims of abuse causing medical malpractice to soar due to bullying employees and patient injury we can say that bullying in the workplace is wrong financially and morally. It shouldn't hurt to go to work. I found a wonderful website that is designed for employees that have been bullied. This site is designed for bullied individuals to help educate in hopes of making a difference in your health ,and, in return, your life. Thank you for listening. Maggie

Maggie Edwards New Hampshire

I have been working as an independent contractor for a family law attorney. I haven't signed a contract but this man said we would discuss in 3 months (I have been there 2 months thus far) about putting me on as an employee.

He is going on vacation next week and I have been pounded with deadlines and work up to my neck. Working 60 hours a week. He aims awful high for the tasks that he wants me to complete even after working these long hours. He is self centered and has absolutely no respect for anyone. Interrupts while I speak and only wants answers to his questions in two words. If you surpass the two word limit you get an awful 'ah ah ah' (kind of like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers) for you to zip it.

Well, today he really took the cake when he sent me an email and asked me to schedule a 'procedure' with a doctor. He wants me to schedule a colonoscopy for him! :O He has a wife, a family and even a mother that works for him part-time! Sure, I will schedule that colonoscopy for him after I stick my shoe up his a**

He has also asked me to pick up his delayed luggage after another long weekend trip. I advised him that the airline delivers your luggage to your residence or where you wish.

I am desperately seeking other employment and have an interview this Friday. I have to get out of there asap I am afraid what he is going to ask me to do next! YIKES!