No mates please, we're working

Jul 05 2007 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Remember that dreadful tune "Max, Don't Have Sex with Your Ex"? We now have the workplace equivalent Ė "Don't work with your mates." A study from New Zealand has found that working with your mates at the office or even making mates at the office is a less than stellar idea.

The reasoning behind this is not surprising (in fact, I hope that someone didn't pay a lot for this). Apparently work buddies tend to not shut up, to "have too much fun", and basically acting like adolescents and not knowing when to work and when to play.

While I don't necessarily find those findings shocking, there are some valid points in the other concerns.

The study suggests that working with mates often makes it more difficult to speak frankly with them about work performance and to maintain confidentiality. In other cases, other colleagues may notice the special friendship and take issue with it Ė especially in cases where one work friend is superior to the other.

Heading off to the pub or to the movies with people from work or even sharing a laugh at the office is hardly a cause for alarm. However, it's important to keep in mind that the workplace is a place of work (hence the word) and a professional environment must be maintained.

As for this study, I have a strong suspicion that none of its findings will be acted upon and it will continue to be business as usual!