Want to get ahead? Watch more movies

Jul 03 2007 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Italian management consultants have come up with a unique recipe for boosting your management career. Forget business books, what you need to do is watch more movies.

According to BBC Online, the four Italian consultants have come up with a list of 50 movies for their book, "Cinema per manager" (Cinema for Managers) , which they say showcase good business practice.

Among the films on the consultants' list is Volver, the latest critically-acclaimed film by Spain's top director Pedro Almodovar.

In the film self-made businesswoman Raymunda, played by Penelope Cruz, uses her feminine skills to acquire and successfully run a restaurant.

Volver was hailed as highlighting inventive way to succeed

In The Terminal, Tom Hanks plays an immigrant from Eastern Europe trapped in an American airport.

The authors say the story is a typical example of turning "diversity" into an advantage and an innovative strategy for succeeding in business.

Westerns starring John Wayne are seen as an inspiration for "leadership and mission", the authors say.

Sadly, the list is currently available only in Italian Ė but all bets are off as to how long it will be until we see and English version.