Go on, have a grumble!

Jul 02 2007 by Print This Article

So that disagreement in your office just isn't resolving itself no matter what managerial methods you try? Why not let the entire world read about it and render a verdict? This is the premise of a new website, www.Grumble Rumble.com, a site that describes itself as "your online judge and jury".

The site is so new that there are only a few "grumbles" thus far, only one of which is work-related Ė a gripe about the institution of a new "swearing bowl" at an office to curb the use of foul language.

The premise is a simple one. People with a complaint post it on the website. Visitors then comment on the issue and vote on whether they agree or disagree with the complainant.

The site offers to act as a "mediator between you and any party whom you have a beef" and say that it "gives you the power and means to notify the offender about your problem."

So if things at work are getting more and more tense and it looks as if an argument is inevitable no matter what you do, maybe you should take your beef to GrumbleRumble.com. If you don't perhaps your employees will anyway . . .


Older Comments

I've just written a posting on common office irritations in the workplace and while some of the complaints are quite harmless, you need to be careful that other gripes could be construed as going beyond a 'whinge' and even be considered bullying as there can be a fine line.

An employment lawyer commented that managers should tread carefully and have in place a Dignity in Work policy (UK) to make sure there is a platform where employers can protect their employees if someone is deliberately irritating colleagues to the point of causing indirect discrimination. To view the posting go to: www.personneltoday.com/blogs/workplace-advice/2007/06/whats-your-office-irritation.html and feel free to post your own comments.

Natalie Cooper UK